Wednesday, October 10, 2007


today, they chose my design of cheering uniform!!i just designed it this morning 'cuz i wasn't really gonna design a dress, i was just giving them some ideas.. but i had nothing to do so i drew one.. and my teacher chose it and told me to draw it again in a clean paper and to color it.. i am the one to chose what color i want.. gosh!i am overwhelmed.. [[:

plus!!this morning when i was about to enter the school gate i saw my crush and we walked to the gym together!!gosh.. it was a short walk.. i wasn't really talking to him much 'coz i am kind of "naiilang".. but i'm happy when i'm with him.. can't even hide my smile.. [[:

this day is so cooL!!aaaaand.. tomorrow we are gonna observe the 40 minute period because its our club day and we are also gonna bring cellphones because we ned it in our club.. okay.. that's it for now.. ciao!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

back here!!

i soo love the candy october issue.. it's uber cute!!

anyway, haven't updated my blog in a while 'coz i was busy making my site.. many people are checking out my site now.. check it out too!!.. i now make my own graphics but i still haven't uploaded them..

this friday>>no school!!
next week>>periodical exam
next2 week>>intrams!!
next3 week>>sem break whooo!!
next4 week>>field trip

i think i'm not gonna join the field trip this year AGAIN.. i hate the destinations they are choosing.. they say that the trend is the "extra challenge" field trip.. i still like enchanted kingdom better..
anyway, check out my site ok??..

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


sunset at MOA.. business high expo..

reco, with my close friends..

business expo group pics -- EINSTEIN



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inspired --- INSPIRED

i am so inspired... i read this book i borrowed from my friend and it has emo drawings.. i drew many of the drawings.. (guess there really is a part of me that's emo --- ALERT --- ALERT --- cheerful EMO here!!) and i'm addicted to it i even photocopied the whole book.. anyway, it just cost me 52 php..

hmm, so many projects.. so little time..

time goes by so fast.. on october we will have our 2nd quarterly test.. hah!next thing i know i'm already a senior.. cooL.. hey!visit my site.. HERE!!